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Local Festivals in Jeju

Jeju’s Festivals, Exciting All Year Round

Jeju has so many festivals all year round. If your trip coincides with any of these festivals, join in any of them to experience Jeju more closely.
Here is the list of the so many festivals that offer everything, from beautiful natural scenery and unique tradition to fresh seafood.

Spring Festival (March ~ May)
Spring Festival
Name of Festival Location Specific Details Phone Number
April Seogwipo Canola Flower International Walking Festival Sanbangsan Area +82-64-760-2663
Gapado Green Barley Fields
One Night Two Days Festival
Gapa-li Village Walking along the green barley fields, farming experience, display and sale of special products +82-64-794-7130
Clean and Green Hallasan Bracken Festival Along the Namjo-ro, Sumang-li Picking bracken competition, Bracken cooking competition, Bracken foot volleyball competition +82-64-760-4182
Cherry Blossom Festival Front Gate, Sports Stadium Complex Announcing the Beginning of Spring, Youth Festival +82-64-728-2753
Wudo Conch Festival Wudo-myeon Area Catching the shells in stone sea walls, Wudo Love Walkathon, Bicycle parade +82-64-728-4321
May Gasi-ri Horse Festival Jeju Horse Park at Gasi-ri +82-70-4145-3456
Superior Bomok Damselfish Big Festival Bomok Harbor Making Taewu (wooden rafts) models, catching the damselfish with bare hands, Dameslfish Singing Contest, Catching the damselfish etc. +82-64-760-2742
Seolmundae Halmang Festival Jeju Stone Park +82-64-710-6631
Summer Festival (June ~ August)
Summer Festival
Name of Festival Location Specific Details Phone Number
June Chuja Island Corvina Festival Chuja-myeon Tying the corvina together experience, exhibition of Chuja island special products, making salted fish foods, cruising on boats and fishing out at sea experience, fishing competition +82-64-728-4263
July Samyang Black Sands Festiva Samyabg Black Sands Beach Black Sands Massage, Catching Sea crabs, Youth beach soccer competition etc.
Gimnyeong Seongsegi Beach Festival Gimnyeong Beach
Hyeopjae Beach Festival Hyeopjae Beach +82-64-728-1614
August Iho Taewu Festival Iho Taewu Beach Hands on experience rowing on the taewu competition, catching fish with bare hands in the stone wall construction, re-enaction of catching the anchovies +82-64-742- 2501
Pyoseon Great White Sands Beach Festival Pyoseon Beach Catching the halibut with bare hands, beach marathon, beach soccer competition, beach horseback riding competition +82-64-760-2663
Yerae Nonjitmul Festival Yerae-dong Catching the flatfish bare hand, swimming, fishing contest, Nonjitmul Singing Contest +82-64-760-4863
Dodu Oremul Seafood Big Festival Dodu Harbor Treasure Hunt down Dodubong Lane, Catching freshwater fish with bare hands, deep sea fishing etc
Autumn Festival (September ~ November)
Autumn Festival
Name of Festival Location Specific Details Phone Number
September Seogwipo Chilsimni Festival Chilsimni Poetry Park and
Seyeon Bridge Square
Chilsimni Great Parade, The elixir of life experience, taewak swimming contest +82-64-760-3946
Lee Joong-Seop Art Festival Lee Joong-Seop Gallery +82-64-760-2484
Jeju Haenyeo Festival Haenyeo Museum Everything about the haenyeo’s life and culture in one place +82-64-710-7771
Jeju Horse Festival Jeju Horse Race Track Re-enaction of selecting the best horse, picking the best in show horse, riding the prime horse and shooting arrows, Jeju horse culture exploration +82-64-786-8250
Jeju Eulalia Festival Saebyeol Oreum +82-64-742-8861
November Southernmost Yellowtail Fish Festival Moseulpo Harbor, Daejeong-eup Yellowtail fishing hands on experience, fishing contest, traditional wooden boat making experience, making fishing tools etc. +82-64-760-2663
Jeju Olle Walking Festival Around the designated Olle trails +82-64-762-2190
Honinji Festival Honinji area, Onpyeong-li Traditional wedding (1 couple), traditional wedding procession, village performances, village wide festivities, Honinji Singing Contest +82-64-760-2663
Olle Market Olle Festival Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market +82-64-760-2663
Daejeong-Goeul Choosa Art
& Culture Festival
Choosa Historic Site +82-64-760-2484
Udo Peanut Festiavl Udo-myeon +82-64-728-3321
Winter Festival (December ~ February)
Winter Festival
Name of Festival Location Specific Details Phone Number
December Seongsan Sunrise Festival Seongsan Sunrise Peak Sunrise event, celebratory performances, World natural heritage site exploration, character photo zone etc. +82-64-760-2663
February Fire Festival Sebyeol Oreum Area Setting the fire on the oreum, fireworks, ethnic performances +82-64-760-2663
the Dragon Tamna Kingdom
Entering into Spring Festival
City Hall~Gwandeokro, Mokgwanah
(Old Administrative Building) etc.
Driving the cow parade, Entering into Spring Event, Worshipping the God of Farming +82-64-728-2714

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