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A Floating Raradise On a Sapphier Sea RAMADA PLAZA JEJU

Jeju Olle Trail

Jeju Olle Trail for Walking Tourists

Jeju Olle Trail was created for those who travels by walking. As the beautiful island needed a trail for walkers, a trail long enough so that anyone can walk as far as they like, we connected the unconnected trails, found the forgotten trails, and re-created the trails gone long ago, and created the Jeju Olle Trail. If travelling by car is like putting dots to create a beautiful picture, walking the Jeju Olle is like drawing long lines to connect those dots. Walking down the trail, you can discover the true beauty of Jeju that you might have missed if you traveled by car. And the trail will show you the hidden beauty of the middle mountains and small islands while you walk around the island.

Jeju Olle Trail – Course Overview

Route Distance Starting/End Point detail
Route 1 Siheung-Gwangchigi Olle 15.6km (4~5 hours) Siheung Elementary School - Gwangchigi Beach detail
Route 2 Gwangchigi - Onpyeong Pogu Olle 16.2km (5~6 hours) Gwangchigi beach - Onpyeong pogu detail
Route 3 Onpyeong Pogu - Pyoseon Olle 20.7km (6~7 hours) Onpyeong pogu to Pyoseon Haebichi Beach detail
Route 4 Pyoseon - Namwon Olle 22.9km (6~7 hours) Pyoseon Haebichi Beach to Namwon Poqu detail
Route 5 Namwon - Soesokkak Olle 14.7km (4~5 hours) Namwon Poqu to Soesokkak detail
Route 6 Soesokkak - Oedolgae Olle 14km (4~5 hours) Soesokkak to Oedolgae Rock detail
Route 7 Oedolgae - Wolpyeong Olle 13.8km (4~5 hours) Oedolgae to Ahwaenangmok in Wolpyeong Village detail
Route 8 Wolpyeong - Daepyeong Olle 19.2km (5~6 hours) Ahwaenangmok in Wolpyeong Village to Daepyeong Pogu detail
Route 9 Daepyeong - Hwasun Olle 7.1km (3~4 hours) Daepyeong Pogu(port) to Hwasun Golden Sand Beach detail
Route 10 Hwasun - Moseulpo Olle 14.8km (4~5 hours) Hwasun Golden Sand Beach to Hamo Sports Park near the Moseulpo-hang(harbor) detail
Route 11 Moseulpo - Mureung Olle 18km (5~6 hours) Moseulpo Hamo Information Center to Mureung Ecology School Hard detail
Route 12 Mureung - Yongsu Olle 17.5km (5~6 hours) Mureung Ecology School to Yongsu Pogu detail
Route 13 Yongsu - Jeoji Olle 14.8 km (4~5 hours) Yongsu Pogu(port) to Community Hall in Jeoji-ri detail
Route 14 Jeoji - Hallim Olle 19.3km (6~7 hours) Jeoji Community Hall to Hallim Biyang-do Ferry Dock detail
Route 15 Hallim - Gonae Olle 19km (6~7 hours) Hallim-hang to Gonae pogu detail
Route 16 Gonae - Gwangnyeong Olle 17.8km (6~8 hours) Gonae pogu to Gwangnyeong 1-ri Office detail
Route 17 Gwangnyeong - Sanjicheon Olle 18.4km (6~8 hours) Gwangnyeong 1-ri Office to Dongmun Rotary in Jeju-si detail
Route 18 Sanjicheon - Jocheon Olle 18.8km (6~7 hours) Sanjicheon madang to Jocheon Manse Dongsan(Hill) detail
Route 19 Jocheon - Gimnyeong Olle 18.8km (6~8 hours) Jocheon Manse Dongsan to Gimnyeong Seopogu (West Port) Fishermen’s Welfare Center detail
Route 20 Gimnyeong-Hado Olle 16.5km (5~6 hours) Gimnyeong Seopogu (West Port) Fishermen’s Welfare Center – Hado Haenyeo Museum detail
Route 1-1 1-1 U-do (island) Olle 15.9km (4~5 hours) Cheonjin-hang (port) *One Round of Island detail
Route 7-1 Jeju World Cup Stadium - Oedolgae Olle 15.1km (4~5 hours) Jeju World Cup Stadium to Oedolgae entrance detail
Route 10-1 Gapa-do (island) Olle 5km (3 hours) Sangdong-pogu(port) to Hadong Pogu(port) detail
Route 14-1 Jeoji - Mureung Olle 18.8km (7~8 hours) Community Hall in Jeoji-ri to Inhyang-dong Bus Stop detail
Route 18-1 Chuja Do (Islands) Olle 18.5km (6~8 hours) Sangchuja-hang(port) *one round of Island detail

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