1. General Rules

  1. 1. Personal information shall refer to information concerning living individuals that enables their identification by using a name in full contained in such information (including information that enables identification by easily combining it with other information if individuals may not be identified with the relevant information alone).
  2. 2. Ramada Plaza Jeju regards customer privacy protection as very important and observes the provisions of the “Privacy Protection Act.” Ramada Plaza Jeju has a Privacy Policy currently in effect that customers can refer to in order to understand how it handles their personal information, shows measures currently in place to carefully handle all personal information and emphasizes that all personal data is solely used for a specific purpose and destroyed afterwards.
  3. 3. Ramada Plaza Jeju has developed a procedure for updating its Privacy Policy in order to steadily improve its Policy. It also provides the version number of any amendments made to its Policy for easily discernment.

2. Personal Information Items to Be Collected

Ramada Plaza Jeju only collects information required to provide basic services and obtains separate consent from customers before collecting information for any additional services.

  1. - Required : Password, Name, Address, Cell phone, E-mail
  2. - Optional : Either home or work can be selected in filing in the list of an address and a telephone. Other additional selected items
  3. - Information to be generated for other service use process or business process : Record of service use, access login, cookies, access IP information, record of use suspension

3. How to Collect Personal Information

Ramada Plaza Jeju collects and uses personal information as follows:

  1. - Membership through website, written form, telephone, fax, consultation notice board, entry for a promotion event and request for delivery.
  2. - Collection through a generation information collection tool.

4. Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information

1. Ramada Plaza Jeju collects and uses personal information as follows:

  1. - Name, Password : Identification & personal identification
  2. - E-mail, Cell phone (whether receiving newsletters): Obtaining routes for smooth communication such as informing matters of notice, identifying one's own willingness, and handling complaints, as well as notifying the latest information such as new services and events
  3. - Address, Telephone : Mail, notice, obtaining an exact address for gift delivery
  4. - Other optional items : Information on the provision of personalized services

2. Ramada Plaza Jeju will not collect any sensitive personal information (race/ethnicity, personal views and principles, hometown and domicile of origin, political orientation, criminal record, health status, sexual orientation, etc.) due to concerns about the violation of human rights. In case of unavoidable collection, the Hotel will ask users for their prior consent. Also, the Hotel will not use user information for any purpose other than the purpose notified to users in advance and will not disclose it elsewhere.

5. Collection of personal information using cookies

  1. 1. cookie?
  2. Ramada plaza Jeju uses software cookies that store and search specific customer information. Cookies are part of a small program that the Hotel website transmits to the customer's browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.)
  3. 2. Cookie operation by Ramada Plaza Jeju
  4. Ramada Plaza Jeju operates the cookies for the users' convenience. Ramada Plaza Jeju collects only the ID of its members using the cookie. It does not collect any other information. The member ID Ramada Plaza Jeju collects using cookies are used for the below-listed purposes: (The cookies are deactivated when the browser is exited or the member logs out of the website.)
  5. How to set up your computer to reject cookies
  6. You may set up your computer to allow cookies, require your confirmation for saving cookie details, or reject all cookies by selecting the option menu on your web browser. If you reject cookies, your services may be limited.

6. Providing and Sharing Personal Information with 3rd Parties

  1. 1. Ramada Plaza Jeju shall not use customers’ personal information or share it beyond the scope indicated in the “purpose of collecting and using personal information” under any circumstances except in cases where a customer gives consent or if required by law.
  2. 2. Ramada Plaza Jeju will obtain your consent to matters concerning the third party to whom personal information is provided, the purpose of use of personal information, the items of personal information, and the retention and use period if the Hotel intends to provide your personal information to a third party.

7. Procedure of disposal of personal information

  1. 1. When the purpose of collection and use of personal information is fulfilled or the retention and use period of personal information expires, the personal information will be promptly destroyed. However, if retention of any of the personal information is required by other rules and regulations, Ramada Plaza Jeju shall retain such information.
  2. 2. Personal information in paper form will be destroyed by shredding it with a paper shredder or incinerated. Personal information in electronic form will be destroyed using technical tools so as to make sure that such information will not be reproduced.

8. Actions to Protect Privacy

Ramada Plaza Jeju follows technical, managerial and physical measures when handling customers’ personal information in order to secure its safety so that it does not become lost, stolen, revealed, falsified or damaged as follows.

  1. - Encryption of Personal Information : Concerning the personal information of users, only the user knows his or her password as it is encrypted, saved and managed. Files and transmitted data are also encrypted, and important data is protected via a separate security function.
  2. - Technical measures to protect against hacking, etc. : We install security programs, keep them up-to-date with the latest version and inspect them regularly to prevent any leakage and damage of personal information due to hacking or computer viruses. We also install the system in an external access-controlled area and inspect and block it technically and physically.
  3. - Training staff that handles personal information how to minimize risks : Only a few staff members are authorized to handle personal information and we give them regular training.
  4. - Performing Periodic Inspections : We perform inspections periodically to ensure that personal information is being handled correctly.
  5. - Establishment and implementation of the internal management plan : We establish and implement an internal management plan in order to safely handle personal information.
  6. - Restricted access to personal information : We take all measures necessary to control access rights to the database system to process your personal information, whether to authorize entry into the system, change data stored in our database change, or make any cancellation. We also use a firewall to prevent unauthorized access from the outside.
  7. - Retaining access records and preventing forgery and falsification : We retain and manage access records to the personal information management system for at least 6 months and use security functions to ensure that access records cannot be forged or falsified, stolen or lost.
  8. - Use of a lock for document security : Documents and auxiliary storage materials that contain personal information are stored and locked in a safe place.
  9. - Access control to prevent unauthorized entrance : Personal information is stored in a separate place and we have an access control procedure in place so that only a few authorized people may access this data.

9. Consignment of Personal Information Handling

Ramada Plaza Jeju consigns your personal information in order to enhance services in terms of collection, handling and management of personal information.

  1. - When entering into a consignment agreement, Ramada Plaza Jeju notifies to you in advance the matters concerning consigned party, consigned period, the relationship between a service provider and consigned party, and the scope of liabilities through any written form, e-mail, telephone, or homepage.
  2. - Ramada Plaza Jeju complies with the laws related to personal information protection, confidentiality of personal information, prohibition on providing information to a 3rd party, responsibility when incidents occur, consigned period, the obligation of return or destruction of personal information after the end of handling through the business consignment agreement, and complies with this management.
  3. Ramada Plaza Jeju has contracted a third-party to handle personal information as follows:
  4. * AEGIS Allthegate : Credit card payment processing

10. Rights & Duties of Users, How to Exercise the Rights & Duties of Users

  1. 1. Please enter your latest personal information accurately to prevent any unexpected incidents from happening. Customer is responsible for any incident that may arise due to providing inaccurate information and their membership privileges may be taken away if inaccurate or stolen information has been provided for the membership.
  2. 2. Customers have the right to have their personal information protected and also have obligations not to infringe upon others’ information. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone. Please be careful when making any posts to protect our users' personal information. You may be punished in accordance with relevant laws if you do not fulfill this responsibility or by damaging other people’s personal information or reputation.

11. Collecting Opinions & Handling Complaints

  1. Ramada Plaza Jeju takes its customer’s opinions seriously and each customer has the right to receive an honest response to any question at any time.
  2. We have a customer service telephone line dedicated specifically to smooth communication with our customers.
  1. 【Customer Service Center 】
  2. 1. Tel : +82-64-729-8100 / Fax : +82-64-729-8564
  3. 2. Address : Ramada Plaza Jeju, Reservation room, 1255, Samdo-2dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
  4. 3. Our customer service number operates from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.
  5. 4. We will respond to your question received via e-mail, fax or mail within 24 hours after receiving it. However, if these inquiries are received after normal business hours or on weekends and holidays, we will respond to them the following business day.
  6. 5. If you have any other questions concerning personal information, please direct your inquiries to the Personal Information Infringement Report Center, ePRIVACY Mark Accreditation Committee, Cybercrime Investigation Center in the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office or the National Police Agency Cyber Bureau.
  7. 6. Personal Information Infringement Report Center – Tel. : 1336 (URL : http://www.1336.or.kr)
  8. 7. ePRIVACY Mark Accreditation Committee – Tel. : +82 2 580-0533 (URL: : http://www.eprivacy.or.kr)
  9. 8. Cybercrime Investigation Center in the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office – Tel. : +82 2 3480-2000 (URL: : http://www.spo.go.kr)
  10. 9. National Police Agency Cyber Bureau (URL : http://www.police.go.kr)

12. Transmission of advertising information or messages

  1. 1. Ramada Plaza Jeju does not transmit any advertising information for commercial purposes against the customer's clear refusal.
  2. 2. Ramada Plaza Jeju ensures that the following are indicated in the title and body of its e-mail messages for easy reading when advertising information is sent using e-mail for product information or other online marketing purposes:
  3. - E-mail title line: "Advertisement" may not be indicated in the title line. It usually indicates the key content of the body message.
  4. - E-mail body text: The Hotel indicates the name, e-mail address, phone number and address of the sender so that the users or recipients may express their refusal to such messages. Specific methods are indicated so that the users may easily express their refusal.
  5. 3. When you refuse receiving such messages, Ramada Plaza Jeju specifies the method in English and Korean.
  6. - When transmitting advertising information for commercial purposes through text messages using fax and mobile phones, other than e-mail, Ramada Plaza Jeju may indicate advertising messages at the beginning of the contents of such messages and specify the contact number of a sender in the content of messages.

13. Linked sites

  1. 1. Ramada Plaza Jeju may provide its customers with links to websites or information of other companies. In such cases, the Hotel is not responsible for or cannot warrant the usefulness of services or information provided by such external sites on which it has no control.
  2. 2. When you move to pages of other sites by clicking links included in the Hotel website, you should check the Privacy Policy of the other sites as Ramada Plaza Jeju is not responsible for their policy.

14. Articles displayed

1. Ramada Plaza Jeju does its utmost to protect the articles uploaded by its customers on its website from being tampered with, damaged or deleted. However, this does not apply to the below-listed:

  1. - Spam messages (ex: Chain letters, advertisement of specific sites etc.)
  2. - Articles that defame others by disseminating false information to maliciously slander others
  3. - Articles that divulge privacy related personal information of others without their consent, that infringe copyrights or other rights of third parties, or that are irrelevant to the themes of the bulletin board
  4. - Ramada Plaza Jeju may display such articles after deleting or correcting certain parts that disclose the privacy of others without agreement in order to promote healthy bulletin board culture.
  5. - Ramada Plaza Jeju will prevent misunderstanding or confusion by providing the path to a related article when an article contains links to bulletin boards handling other themes.
  6. - The Hotel may delete other malicious articles after giving specific or individual warnings.

2. The author is responsible for his articles, as a rule. Customers should give serious consideration to disclosing any information as information disclosed voluntarily through such articles can hardly be protected

15. Guideline for the installation of CCTV

1. Ramada Plaza Jeju installs CCTV on hotel all year around to protect the rights and interests of guests and visitors.

  1. Recording scope : Each place of business and shared areas (excluding lobby 1st and 2nd floor), guest room halls, elevators, exterior angles of the Hotel
  2. Recording hours : 24 hours
  3. Service provider : Daekyo Co., Ltd. +82-64-726-5408
  4. Department in charge : Management support team, facility part +82-64729-8290

16. Privacy & Data Protection Manager

1. Ramada Plaza Jeju has assigned certain departments and a privacy officer with the tasks of protecting customers’ personal information, collecting opinions and handling complaints related to personal information.

  1. 【 Personal information protection staff 】
  2. • Name : Park Gi-hun
  3. • Division / Position : Marketing department/ Department head
  4. • Contact : +82-64-729-8240
  5. 【 Personal information protection director 】
  6. • Name : Kim Jie-hwan
  7. • Division / Position : Sales strategy team / Team leader
  8. • Contact : +82-64-729-8230

17. Obligation to notify

The Hotel will notify or publish details through its website at least seven days in advance when any changes, including addition, deletion or correction, made in statutes, government policies, internal policies of the Hotel or security related technologies.

  1. Version number of Privacy Policy : v1.6
  2. Enforcement date: 25 April 1998
  3. Amended date: 30 September 2011

The above Privacy Policy of the Ramada Plaza Jeju website will go into effect on 30 September 2011.