Banquet & Wedding

Ramada Ballroom Wedding

Differentiated High-class Wedding Hall

High-class wedding halls guarantee unique experience to each and every brides
and grooms who wish the most unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Ramada Plaza Jeju’s Prestige Wedding
A wedding ceremony with elegance!
It is the perfect venue for a unique, prestige wedding ceremony that only Ramada Plaza Jeju can offer.

2F Ramada Ballroom Lobby

The blue sky and panorama ocean view together make a magnificent scene.
A fantastic wedding ceremony starts from the wedding hall lobby on the second floor.

2F Ramada Ballroom

From the perfect audio system to lighting and state of the art equipment,
Ramada Ballroom provides the best services with the spacious space, capable of
accommodating 600 to 1,000 guests, making it the best venue for your prestige wedding.

Ramada Ballroom is a wedding hall in the shape of a large concert hall making it a unique and versatile venue.